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5th-Apr-2015 08:22 am - Happy Easter!
xEaster bunny
To everyone celebrating ...

31st-Dec-2014 05:37 pm - Happy New Year!
z-happy new year
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25th-Dec-2014 09:08 am - Merry Christmas!
Xmas-puppy myspace graphic comments
20th-Sep-2014 08:59 am - Happy Birthday!
happyBday alice
Tha happiest of birthdays to two very special ladies sueworld2003 and pickamix!

Glitter Graphics
20th-Jun-2014 09:23 am - Of monsters and magic
spike-vamp neat animated
This month's special @ nekid_spike is dedicated to demons, witches and all sorts of supernatural beings. Excellent opportunity to icon some of the scary (or not so scary) characters on both shows. It's a tiny selection and if you'd like to see a specific monster, just ask, I hope to post again soon. Enjoy! :D



20th-Apr-2014 10:44 am - Happy Ester!
xEaster bunny
To everyone celebrating
12th-Mar-2014 03:35 pm - Drusilla icons
spike & dru
An early Happy Birthday to the lovely ghostgirl13!

Having a bit of time I've prepared a small batch of icons for nekid_spike. Hope you like them. :)


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12th-Feb-2014 04:00 pm - Buffy icons
Hi everyone, I'm still around and I'm ready to post some icons!
Buffy is the mini guest @ nekid_spike so here's a set dedicated to the Chosen One, enjoy!


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31st-Dec-2013 11:48 pm - Happy New Year!
z-happy new year
25th-Dec-2013 07:29 am - Happy Holidays!

11th-Dec-2013 04:02 pm - James Marsters characters
Xmas-spike anim
Once again it's time for JM characters @ nekid_spike and I give you some icons inspired by his latest roles, hope you enjoy! :D

[01-08] Wedding Band

[09-16] Warehouse 13

[17-24] The Bells of West 87th

[25-29] Metal Hurlant Chronicles s2


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31st-Oct-2013 05:16 pm - Happy Halloween
To everyone celebrating:

27th-Oct-2013 04:22 pm - Halloween artwork
Hell-A: after their usual spot of violence Spike and Connor decide to check the tunnels and are surprised to see who got off the ghost train.

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12th-Sep-2013 08:59 pm - Fred icons
angel -  warriors

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23rd-Aug-2013 12:08 pm - Cordelia wallpaper
The holidays are almost over, but I had time to work on some Cordelia stuff for nekid_spike.

First post a wallpaper:
Cordelia wakes up from her coma with a new calling, she leaves Angel at Evil inc. and joins forces with Buffy in Rome to fight on the side of good (and stylish shopping of course!).

 photo cordy-Rome-wp_zpscf87e25f.jpg
(click image for bigger)

Next post in my Cordelia series is a set of icons, enjoy!


Cordy, the early yearsCollapse )

Today's offering is a pic from Cordelia's portfolio, one of her attempts at modelling, hope you like. :)

 photo cordy-banner-1a_zps992ad49c.jpg

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Another set of icons focusing on Cordelia's life after Sunnydale, hope you enjoy.


Cordy in LACollapse )

Still browsing Cordelia's portfolio:
 photo cordy-banner-2_zpsff53ca03.jpg

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Last icon post for this month about Cordelia's special relationship with Angel and some other men in her life. Enjoy!

Preview:  photo cordya-1_zpse4a32588.png  photo cordygroo_zps15080064.png

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Today I complete my Cordelia tribute with a postcard she sent to the Hyperion while vacationing with Groo.
Hope you enjoy!

 photo cordy-banner-3b_zps21e5d578.jpg

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10th-Aug-2013 08:20 pm - Dracula icons
buffy-vs-drac anim
Three sets with various incarnations of the Prince of Darkness, for nekid_spike. All shareable, enjoy!

Teasers:  photo 1-drac_zpsf773756e.png  photo 9-drb-2_zps90e9b991.png

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The second batch of Dracula's impersonations and his ability as a shape shifter.

Preview:  photo b6-RhysM-1_zps4cb7f8fe.png  photo b9-dr-5_zps978c858b.png

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Time to bid farewell to the Dark Prince and this time I ventured into a rather unfamiliar territory: cartoons and comics.

Preview:  photo c4-comics-WatG-BD_zps89d44d37.png  photo c10-comics-SDruD_zps755e1485.png  photo c15-dr-2_zps0537edb2.png

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8th-Aug-2013 05:22 pm - Dracula artwork
MS car
Finally I'm on holiday, which means I get to play with PS again! YAY!!!!!
Over @ nekid_spike Dracula is the mini guest and this time I've prepared a banner with some of his incarnations, hope you enjoy!

 photo drac-banner_zps1b40403b.jpg

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12th-May-2013 02:34 pm - Ethan and Anya icons
Yay, I've been able to complete a few icons for the mini guests @ nekid_spike!
Sorry to miss out on so many posts in my f-list, this is the busiest time at work, hope to have some more time in summer.


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31st-Mar-2013 09:47 am - Happy Easter!
xEaster bunny
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